A July Saturday Night (I followback) {God bless}

"I was singin' to you, you were singin' to me; I was so alive, never been more free"

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You’re amazing. Okay? You’re beautiful and loved. Do you know how many people are crazy about you? Do you know how much you’re actually cared about? Listen, there are people who want you to be happy, who want you to succeed, and want you to realize how loved you are. You could be pushing them away and that’s the last thing you should do. You wanna know something? I LOVE you. I want you to know how AWESOME you are. And I want you to know that you have someone, you have ME. You’re not alone. You are NEVER alone. You have a future filled with happiness waiting for you. Just hold on, you’re almost there! Don’t you dare think this message is meant for someone else instead of you. You’re reading this, this is for YOU to see. Don’t you ever give up.

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piecesof-reese asked: Hi, Will. Thanks for the follow! I'm Reese. c:

Thank you! Hey Reese :)

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tomboy1-deactivated20130102 asked: thanks for following :D

No problem, thank you! :)